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12% IVA is included in the prices

(v)= vegetarian

CHURRAPINGACHO beef or chicken breast, rice, 2 fried eggs, chorizo, potato patty, avocado, lettuce, and tomato 15
LASAGNA 3 layers of meat sauce, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses, served with salad 13
COCONUT SHRIMP   shrimp in classic coconut sauce, served with rice,  sweet plantain, and salad 17
BREADED SHRIMP fried breaded shrimp, sprinkled with grated toasted coconut,  served with our ranch dressing, rice, sweet plantain, and salad 17
CHIKEN BREAST  chicken breast on the griddle, with whole baby potatoes with cheese sauce, and salad 14


griddled double pork chop seasoned Greek-style with olive oil, lemon, oregano, salt and pepper, served with fries and salad 16
(V) CURRY THAI in homemade curry-seasoned coconut and basil sauce, served with rice and grilled bread shrimp 19 /chicken breast 17/vegetables  14
BURRITO wrapped in a large wheat and hot pepper tortilla, covered with guacamole, diced tomato, and  grated cheese, served with yellow rice      chili con carne or pulled chicken in BBQ sauce 13
LAMB classic Ecuadorian preparation of lamb stewed in its juices with herbs, tomato, and  naranjilla (tropical fruit), served with rice, sweet plantain, and avocado 19


Served With greek-style fries or salad
CLASSIC 9 oz all meat patty 10
CHEESE with American cheese 11.5
BACON with bacon 11.5
BACON CHEESE with American cheese and bacon 13
CHILI topped wth chili con carne 13
CHILI CHEESE chili burger with cheese 14
BBQ ONION cooked with our Mosaico BBQ sauce and onions sauteed in BBQ sauce 12
BISTRO with sauteed mushrooms 12
BURNER  cooked with Mosaico’s hot sauce and avocado 12
DELI  with mozzarella cheese and chopped olives 14
FONDA with sweet plantain and a fried egg 13
CHOCATE with chorizo, avocado, and fresh cheese 14
GUALAHULA with egg scrambled with chorizo 13
ALOHA with pineapple-banana-coconut milk topping 13
COYOTE  cheese melted with crushed nachos and jalapeños, and guacamole 14.5
CHURRAPINGUESA with a potato patty, chorizo, and fried egg 14.5
ADD ON  cheese, bacon, avocado, fried egg 1.5 ea


served with GREEK-STYLE fries or salad
(V) GRILLED CHEESE your choice of American, mozzarella, or fresh cheese 8
MOSAICLUB 3 slices of bread with bacon, chicken, cheese, mustard, tomato, lettuce, fried egg, and avocado 12
CHICKEN BREAST chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise 9
~ with cheese 10
(V) FONDUEWICH filled with cheese melted with wine and mushrooms 9
~ add chicken breast or beef 11
(V) PORTOBELLO RUSTIC marinated Portobello mushroom griddled with tomato y mozzarella 10


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